Bosch LB1-CW06-x

Corner Cabinet Loudspeaker


  • Designed To Be Mounted In Corners
  • Woven Cloth Front Covering
  • Can Be Wall-Wall Or Wall-Ceiling Mounted
  • Good Speech & Music Reproduction
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Product Description

Bosch LB1-CW06-x Corner Cabinet Loudspeaker (Black & White) is a 6 watt general purpose speaker designed to be mounted in corners. The speaker can either be mounted between 2 walls or between a wall and the ceiling. The medium density fiberboard construction and vinyl covering provide a durable cabinet with an easy to clean surface.

  • The robust, solid MDF (Medium Density Fiber board) enclosure is covered with a durable, easy-to-clean vinyl in black or white. The ABS front is covered with fine woven cloth in matching color
  • The cabinet design allows installation in corners between walls, and between wall and ceiling

Additional Information

Max Power

9.0 W

Rated Power

6 W (6-3-1.5 W)

Effective Frequency Range

180 Hz to 20 kHz

Rated Input Voltage

100 V

Rated Impedance

1667 ohm


4-pole push-in terminal block

Dimensions (H x W x D)

240 x 151 x 138 mm

Màu sắc

Trắng, Đen

Weight (kg)

0.8 kg

Storage temperature

– 15° to + 55° C